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Precautions for textile machinery operation

TIME:2023/2/25 14:29:00

       With the rapid development of science and technology, China's textile industry has also made great progress. Today, let's take a look at the matters needing attention during the operation of textile machinery.

       In the process of textile production, the machines commonly used are drum slitters, finishing cutters, needle sticks and other mechanical equipment. There are more and more textile production equipment in China.

       During the operation, the operator should not use a knife or hard object to cut or cut the roll core, and the operation should not be too hard, otherwise it is very dangerous. If the operator needs to leave temporarily, he/she must turn off the power supply. If any condition occurs during the operation of the machine, he/she should also immediately turn off the power supply and take measures. When the paper tube mechanical automatic edge-holding machine is running, remember not to touch the film roll or roll core in operation with your hands, so as to avoid the danger of personal safety. Before use, that is, before starting the machine, ensure that the voltage and galvanometer hydraulic equivalent are correct and stable. Carefully check whether all electrical switches and protective devices of the machine are normal until they are confirmed to be normal. Next, the Institute of Textile Equipment will share with you the precautions for purchasing and using textile equipment.

       In order to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the measurement results of textile instruments, and to stabilize their measurement values within a certain tolerance range, when purchasing and using textile instruments, it is necessary to pay full attention to their good measurement performance and carry out necessary measurement verification. For example:

       (1) A textile instrument often has several ranges to choose from. Generally, the error at both ends of the indication range of the instrument is relatively large. Therefore, according to the different test objects, a reasonable and appropriate instrument range should be selected.

       (2) The precision of the instrument (referred to as precision) is the comprehensive reflection of the random error and systematic error of the instrument. In order to obtain and correct measurement results at the same time, the instrument with appropriate accuracy grade must be selected

       (3) The repeatability of the instrument indicates the consistency of the same measured physical quantity under different measurement conditions. The commonly called inter-station error or "station error" is one of the reproducibility indicators. Therefore, it is very important to have good reproducibility when selecting the instrument.

       The above contents are the matters needing attention during the operation of textile machinery. Shengzhou Keyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in new rotor spinning machines, rotor spinning machines, rotor spinning machines, etc.