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Introduction to rotor spinning

TIME:2022/12/9 14:52:00

        Today's people, a suit of clothes is no longer a problem. A family has a pair of pants, which is, in the eyes of most people, impossible. In this case, most people don't even know how to make clothes. They only care about the quality of fabrics

        Today, I will explain the rotor spinning to you

        Rotor spinning is a new spinning technology that uses air flow to condense, twist and output fibers in high-speed spinning cup. He does not use spindle, but mainly relies on carding roller, spinning cup, false twisting device and other parts

        The carding roller is used to grasp and comb the sliver fiber fed, and the centrifugal force generated by its high-speed rotation can throw the seized fiber out. The spinning cup is a small metal cup, its rotation speed is more than 10 times higher than the carding roller, and the resulting centrifugal effect will exhaust the air in the cup; According to the principle of fluid pressure, the cotton fiber enters the air flow cup and forms a fiber flow, which continuously moves along the inner wall of the cup. At this time, there is a yarn head outside the cup, which leads out the fibers on the inner wall of the cup and connects them. In addition, the drilling effect caused by the high-speed rotation of the cup with the yarn tail is like "feeding" the cotton fiber while adding the yarn kneading to connect the yarn with the fibers on the inner wall of the cup. The yarn is drawn under the spinning force of the bobbin, and the yarn is continuously output to complete the process of air-spinning

        The above content is the introduction of rotor spinning. If you want to know more about spinning machines, please continue to pay attention to our website