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Spinning principle of spinning machine

TIME:2022/12/9 12:54:00

The clothing industry belongs to the textile industry. When "spinning", it must take a period of time before weaving, and spinning is essential

        People engaged in the clothing industry should be familiar with it. The spinning efficiency of the spinning machine is particularly high, and the spinning effect is good. In this article, the editor wants to introduce the spinning principle of the spinning machine to you. You can follow the editor to understand

Spinning machine is a special machine for producing yarn at high speed. The yarn spun is wound onto a triangular spacer by a high-speed rotary head. The neck width of the spacer determines the length of the pile. The spinning of the spinning machine is carried out by using rotating head, spacer, cutter, twisting and other components. Each rotating head produces two lines at the same time, and each line is composed of two core yarns and several velvet yarns. In the spinning process, the pile yarn is sandwiched into the confluence of two core yarns in the form of looping. When the two core yarns are twisted, the looped pile yarn is continuously cut into two half loops with a blade. The pile with a short stroke is sandwiched in the twist back of the two core yarns to form a thread. This is the whole process of the support line of the spinning machine. Is it interesting to use it

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone has understood its principle. In fact, the operation of this machine is quite simple and automatic. There are not many requirements for technicians. The quality of products produced is very good, but to improve the quality of products, we must start with the quality of raw materials and equipment