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Operation process of rotor spinning

TIME:2023/4/26 15:46:00

       In the textile industry, rotor spinning is often used. Today, I will explain the operation process of rotor spinning to you.

       Impurities left in the condensation groove of the rotor can disrupt the condensation of the strands and the transmission of twist, resulting in periodic unevenness of the spun yarn. The wavelength is about the circumference of the rotor, and in severe cases, it can cause breakage.

       Even if small dust enters the coagulation tank, it will gradually accumulate into larger particles, producing the same effect. Therefore, in addition to the rotor spinner itself requiring a dust removal device, the role of dust removal should also be strengthened during the front spinning process. For example, in cotton spinning, small cotton bundle opening machines, powerful dust collectors, and dual carding machines can be installed. The uniform effect of rotor spinning can only work within the circumference of the rotor condensation groove, so it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the fiber strips during the drawing process in order to obtain good yarn evenness. The twisting degree of air flow yarn is generally higher than that of ring spun yarn, so it needs to undergo natural or hot setting twisting to be suitable for subsequent processing.

       The structural characteristics of airflow yarn are large gaps, poor fiber straightness, less fiber transfer between the inner and outer layers, and varying twist, resulting in low strength and large elongation of the yarn. But the fabric has a plump and thick feel, good warmth retention, wear resistance, good pulp and moisture absorption, and high color absorption rate.

       Rotor spinning is suitable for many products, such as corduroy, labor cloth, khaki, yarn dyed velvet, printed velvet, pile blanket, thread blanket, bath towel and decorative cloth.

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