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KY-688 rotor spinning machine

KY-688 rotor spinning machine

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        This machine is an upgraded model of KY588. The height compression of the whole machine reduces the height requirement of the turn-breaker, especially suitable for the production of high bobbin, and the bobbin can cross the body to facilitate the conversion of bobbin after doffing

        With a certain workshop area, this machine has the following advantages compared with the same type of spinning machine on the market: compared with the 210mm spindle pitch of the spinning machine, the number of spindles increased by 8.5% compared with the 230mm spindle pitch; The width of the whole machine is reduced by 200 mm, and the length of the head+tail is reduced by 1000 mm. The output per unit area of the workshop increased significantly

        The optimized transmission system and the double impurity removal design at the front and rear of the vehicle make the total number of ingots exceed 608

        Basic dimensions of the machine


    KY688 rotor spinning machine performance index


      Performance characteristics

       ◆ The optimized spinner and multiple adaptive series of impurity removal channels are used to improve the yarn quality.

      ◆ The stepper motor feeding system is used to accurately control the cotton feeding quantity, ensure the excellent joint shape and strength of the yarn, and can spin fancy varieties such as slub yarn.

  ;   ◆ Acquired by adopting



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