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Differences between Vortex Spinning and Airflow Spinning

TIME:2023/8/24 13:39:00

       The difference between vortex spinning and rotor spinning is that they have different working principles, advantages, and characteristics.

       1、 The principle is different:

       1. Airflow spinning uses airflow to condense, twist, and output fibers into yarn in a high-speed spinning cup.

       2. Vortex spinning, in which the twisting of fibers is accomplished by the use of air flow. The structure of the vortex spinning machine is simple, eliminating high-speed rotating components and using the high-speed rotating airflow to twist the moving yarn.

       2、 Different advantages:

       1. Airflow spinning has the advantages of high speed, large yarn volume, wide adaptability, simple structure, and no need for spindles, rings, and wire rings, which can greatly increase the production of fine yarns.

       2. Vortex spinning has fast speed, high output, short process flow, high production rate, strong spinnability, suitable for making plush products, simple operation, and convenient joints.

       3、 Different characteristics:

       1. Airflow spinning does not require spindles, but mainly relies on multiple components such as carding rollers, spinning cups, and false twisting devices.

       2. Vortex spinning, due to the difference in the total residence time of the fibers inside the nozzle and the energy density of the injected air, the fibers themselves receive different loads. As a result, the characteristics of yarn also changed. The higher the speed of the yarn, the softer it becomes, and the lower the speed of the yarn, the harder it becomes.