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Maintenance and upkeep of textile machinery

TIME:2023/9/25 14:39:00

       The spinning machinery, weaving machinery, knitting machinery, printing and dyeing equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, and supporting equipment in textile machinery have a long service life, and their components are subject to significant wear and tear, requiring frequent maintenance and upkeep.

       The spindle in spinning machinery is an important tool for producing yarn, which has a direct impact on the quality of the produced yarn. The service life of spinning machinery is closely related to the quality of the spindle, with poor spindle quality resulting in a shorter service life; Good spindle quality results in a long service life. Therefore, maintenance and upkeep of spinning machinery is very important.

       The weaving machine in spinning machinery is mainly used for weaving various fabrics, such as staple fibers, chemical fibers, filaments, etc. The main components of a loom include a frame, a weaving shaft, a warp shaft, a weft shaft, a jacquard machine, a large needle carriage, and so on. The warp shaft is the main transmission component of the loom and also one of the important components for producing fabrics.

       The parts of the loom will be severely worn during use. If the parts are not replaced in a timely manner and properly maintained, it may cause abnormal operation or damage to the machine.

       Loom parts should be regularly inspected for any signs of damage; Whether each component is severely worn; Whether the loom operates normally; Is there any abnormal noise or vibration during the operation of the machine parts; Is there any abnormal sound during operation; Is there any abnormal noise during the operation of the machine parts; Whether the machine works normally.

       The maintenance and upkeep of loom parts should pay attention to the following aspects:

       Keep the fabric clean: Before use, carefully check the fabric for any damage or other phenomena. Timely replace or repair severely worn components; Repair or replace severely worn components.

       Maintain the cleanliness of the frame and weaving shaft: During use, there may be a large amount of dust, oil, moisture, etc. invading the frame and weaving shaft, which should be promptly removed or surface treated; Timely repair or replace severely worn components.