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Process requirements and equipment selection of rotor spinning machine

TIME:2022/12/8 16:12:00

        Everyone in the textile industry should know the rotor spinning machine. Today, Xiaobian will explain its process requirements and the selection of equipment

        The rotor spinning machine has fast spinning speed, high output, short process flow and good yarn quality, so its manufacturing technology has developed rapidly and its usage has also been expanding

        However, when the quality of the sliver fed is seriously uneven or contains too much impurities, the details, neps and breakage rate will increase during rotor spinning. Therefore, when spinning rotor yarn below 27.8 tex, the previous process technology and equipment selection are very important

        Blowing-carding process

       At present, the blowing-carding process has two modes: opening and carding plus carding and blowing-carding combined machine. When spinning rotor yarn, each textile enterprise shall use cotton grabbing machine, cotton opener, cotton mixer and cotton cleaner to ensure fine grabbing, uniform mixing, early falling and less crushing, and other equipment shall be added according to experience. For example, use a foreign fiber removal device to remove foreign fibers; Use a powerful dust remover to remove fine dust, because 45%~74% of the aggregate in the rotor is less than 150 μ M dust

        Generally, the carding process should use a high-yield carding machine, and can also use a one-piece drafting device and a self-leveling device to prepare for the subsequent drawing process. When producing high quality rotor yarn, the effect of using duplex carding machine is remarkable. Its yarn sliver is dry, high strength, less broken ends and less dust in rotor; Although limited by the site, maintenance and other conditions, it has the advantages of high yield, low grade of cotton blending and good product quality

        The production practice shows that the rotor yarn produced by the blowing-carding process has the advantages of complete opening, uniform cotton feeding, high impurity removal efficiency, low sliver neps and low quality unevenness, which has a positive effect on improving the production rate, saving cotton and reducing labor

        Drawing process

       The domestic enterprises spinning 18 tex~29 tex rotor yarn adopt the double drawing better, which can meet the requirements of fiber straightness and parallelism; If a single drawing is adopted, a self-leveling device must be installed to control the sliver unevenness

        In rotor spinning production, the quality of sliver fed has a great impact on the yarn quality. Generally, the sliver requirement is that the impurity content should not be greater than 0.135%, the lint rate should not be greater than 6%, and the quality unevenness should not be greater than 3.5%