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Introduction to rotor spinning machines

TIME:2023/6/8 16:11:00

(1) The rotor spinning machine mainly consists of a rotor, a drafting device, a cotton sliver conveying device, a bobbin, and a bobbin joint. According to the different structures of the rotor, the rotor spinning machine can be divided into self winding drum spinning machine, self combing spinning machine, and core spinning machine, etc.

(2) Self winding drum spinning machine: Two rovings are fed into the bobbin through a guide plate, and then fed into the rotor. The two rovings are simultaneously stretched to form a strand of cotton, which is then sent out by a spiral guide. Finally, the raw yarn is made by a core winding and winding device.

(3) Self combing spinning machine: Two coarse yarns are manually fed into the rotor, and then the sucked cotton sliver is fed into the bobbin through a suction tube, and then spun into yarn through a spinning machine.

(5) There are other forms of rotor spinning machines:

(6) Airflow spinning machine: Put the fine yarn into a rotor, and the rotor will transport the fine yarn to the cotton collector for collection;

(7) Ring spinning machine: also known as "ring spinning machine", is a machine that uses steel rings and rings to replace traditional steel ingot belts for spinning;

(8) Drawing spinning machine: a machine that spins a strand of roving from multiple roving yarns in a rotating cylindrical cylinder;

(10) Automatic winding machine: It is a high-speed automatic winding equipment controlled by a computer, used to spin fine wire, thick and special wire, and core wire, etc;

(11) Core spun yarn machine: use chemical fiber or natural fiber as raw material to spin fine and special yarns, such as Polyacrylonitrile fiber filament as raw material to spin fine and special yarns;

(12) Jet vortex spinning machine: It uses compressed air as the power, causing the nozzle to spray airflow at high speed, forming vortex, and generating centrifugal force to draft, twist, and wind into yarn.