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Precautions for maintenance of rotor spinning machines

TIME:2023/6/17 16:46:00

       The rotor spinning machine should regularly inspect all components of the equipment for damage. If any abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner, and the fastening of each part should be checked.

       Regularly add lubricating oil to the transmission parts to ensure the normal operation of the transmission system.

       Perform major and medium maintenance according to the prescribed cycle to ensure that the machine is always in good technical condition.

       Regularly inspect all components of the machine for abnormal sounds and vibrations, and promptly eliminate faults.

       In work, if any abnormal phenomena are found, they should be promptly stopped for inspection and handling.

       When cleaning and maintaining, it is necessary to follow the prescribed procedures, including cleaning the mechanical casing, transmission parts, and oil nozzles.

       Regularly inspect the motor and electrical components to discover and eliminate faults in a timely manner.

       When cleaning mechanical dust, it should be noted that flammable substances such as gasoline and acidic solutions are not allowed to clean the machinery (such as when gasoline cannot be used for cleaning); It is strictly prohibited to use hard metal tools to knock and strike; Prohibit placing flammable and explosive materials (such as paint) on the machine; Do not weld wires on the machine; It is strictly prohibited to wipe the machinery with a damp cloth.

       Maintenance personnel should adhere to the "five fixed" principles: fixed personnel, positioning, timing, quantification, and fixed point maintenance. The maintenance and upkeep of machinery should be carried out in accordance with the "five fixed" principle.

       Maintenance personnel should follow the following operating procedures during the maintenance process:

       ① Before maintenance, the power should be cut off and the grounding wire should be placed according to regulations.

       ② During maintenance, the main motor should be turned off first and all plugs on the electrical equipment should be unplugged. When disassembling, the correct operating procedures must be followed.

       ③ The repaired equipment should have clear markings and markings for proper inspection and maintenance next time.

       ④ After maintenance, the equipment must undergo a trial run within the specified time frame, and can only be put into formal operation after meeting the requirements. Otherwise, maintenance and adjustment must be carried out again.

       ⑤ Newly installed and repaired equipment must be tested and qualified before operation.