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The Development History of Spinning Machines

TIME:2023/7/26 15:26:00

As the starting point of the industrial revolution, automatic spinning electromechanical magnets not only liberated human physical strength, greatly improved production efficiency, but also promoted the birth of factories, which directly led to the emergence of the bourgeoisie and the working class. It can be said that the emergence of automatic spinning machines promoted the qualitative change of human beings from Agrarian society to Industrial society.

In fact, there have been many legendary stories in the development of spinning machines, which can even connect the glorious history of the three world powers, Britain, the United States, and China.

1、 Brilliant in England.

The invention of Spinning jenny opened the curtain of the Industrial Revolution. In 1769, Richard Aklaite, a British watchmaker, used water power as the power to invent the electromechanical magnet for water spinning, which was more efficient than the Spinning jenny, and the spun yarn was tough and strong. The invention of the spinning machine greatly improved labor efficiency and enabled the establishment of large-scale weaving factories, which led to the emergence of industrial workers and industrial capitalists, and led to the invention and application of other machines such as the Steam engine. At that time, the export volume of Britain's Textile manufacturing accounted for more than 58% of the world's total textile trade, almost monopolizing the global cotton textile product market. The rapid development of textile and other industries promoted Britain's rapid transformation from an island country to a The empire on which the sun never sets, leading the development of the world's Industrial Revolution.

2、 Being pirated in the United States.

As the most advanced production equipment at that time, the automatic spinning electromechanical magnets in the UK became a target for countries to introduce, and as latecomers, the United States was even more coveted. On the one hand, American companies have invested a large amount of funds to introduce advanced equipment, and on the other hand, they have also taken some less glamorous measures.

In order to ensure the UK's leading position in spinning machine technology, the UK government provides strict protection for this technology and stipulates that exporting textile machinery or drawings is illegal; Individuals who possess textile technology are prohibited from immigrating overseas. However, the core technological secret of the UK was broken by a person named Samuel Slote.

3、 Originating from China

Interestingly, if we delve deeper into the original copyright of spinning electromechanical magnets, it is likely to be traced back to China.

According to historical records, China's water spinning wheel was the first machine in the world to use water spinning, four centuries earlier than the western water spinning machine. The water spinning wheel was invented in the late Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and was popular in the Central Plains region during the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368 AD). It was the most advanced spinning machinery in the world at that time.

This type of water spinning wheel has a relatively complex structure, consisting of three parts: a spindle, a water wheel, and a transmission device. It has a large volume, a total length of about 9 meters, and a height of 2.7 meters. By converting the kinetic energy of water into the kinetic energy of a spinning wheel, automated work is achieved. Each spinning wheel can spin 100 kilograms of yarn per day, with an efficiency more than 30 times that of a typical spinning wheel, making it the most advanced spinning machine in the world at that time.

The hydraulic spinning wheel is an important achievement in the history of ancient textile machinery in China. It has the embryonic form of modern electromagnetic iron machinery for spinning machines and is suitable for large-scale specialized production. It is an important invention in ancient times that applied natural forces to textile machinery. After China's mechanical technology knowledge represented by the water to turn spinning wheel spread to Europe, it played an important role in promoting the invention of modern machines represented by Aklai Water frame.

The Industrial Revolution originated from spinning machines, but the earliest spinning machines came from China. However, in the most developed and intellectual property oriented United States today, the source of the Industrial Revolution was actually "plagiarism" from Britain. It can be said that a spinning machine connected the glory of three empires, which is worth pondering.