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Different methods of spinning

TIME:2023/7/6 14:18:00

       1. Traditional spinning methods

       Ring spinning: It is currently the most widely used spinning method on the market, and is a non free end spinning method that involves simultaneous drafting, twisting, and winding.

       2. New spinning methods

       (1) OE Yarn. Also known as airflow spinning, a new spinning method that uses high-speed rotating rotors and negative pressure inside the cups to transport, condense, blend, and twist fibers into yarn. It belongs to free end spinning and generally spins coarse count yarn.

       (2) Jet spinning. When using jet air flow to perform false twisting on the stretched fiber strip, some free fibers on the end of the fiber strip are wrapped around the periphery of the fiber strip for spinning.

       (3) Vortex spinning. It is a new spinning method that uses a fixed vortex spinning tube to replace a high-speed spinning cup for spinning. It is an improved spinning equipment (MVS) developed by Murata Company in Japan, which is suitable for spinning pure cotton.

       (4) Compact spinning. Also known as compact spinning, compact spinning is a new spinning technology that is spun on an improved new ring spinning frame. The main spinning mechanism is that a fiber condensation zone is added in front of the traction device of the ring spinning frame, which basically eliminates the spinning twisting triangle area between the front roller and the twisting point. The spun yarn is smooth and the hairiness is significantly reduced.