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        ◆ Real-time online detection: the setting of various process parameters is compared with the actual operation value, and the working conditions are clear at a glance

        ◆ Data storage function: it can save several commonly used spinning process parameters, which can be directly called for the next spinning

        ◆ Data collection function: it can collect the working information of each spinner and query the broken end and output in real time; According to the set yarn weight and length, production statistics such as output and efficiency can be achieved

        ◆ Diagnosis and debugging: when the equipment is abnormal, the system will alarm and will automatically shut down if it is not handled in time; The fault reason can be queried from the operation panel; During maintenance and repair, each motor and mechanism can be tested separately

        ◆ This machine has remote control function. The front display screen can be operated remotely on the mobile phone. The whole machine monitoring and fault handling are simple and fast




TIME:2023/2/1 13:36:22