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Electric control system

Electric control system

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        ◆ Closed loop control: make the equipment operate with high precision according to the set parameters to reach the best operation state

        ◆ Multi-channel variable frequency speed control system: all process parameters can be set and adjusted through the front display screen

        ◆ Online update of process parameters: spinning process parameters can be adjusted at any time during equipment operation

        ◆ The patented locomotive electric control box is used to improve the cooling and dust-proof performance. At the same time, the frequency converter is isolated from other electrical appliances, reducing the electromagnetic interference between electrical appliances. The interior of the body electrical box is modular, with simple structure and high stability

        ◆ Negative pressure closed-loop control of process and impurity removal: it can be set according to the process requirements to meet the spinning process conditions and reduce energy consumption. When the pressure changes beyond the set adjustment range, the system will automatically alarm and remind for processing





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