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Yarn guiding and winding system

Yarn guiding and winding system

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        ◆ The yarn guiding and winding system is driven by four motors independently, and the fine adjustment of yarn tension can be realized on the front display screen

        ◆ The patented yarn suction mechanism is adopted to improve the joint success rate of large and small yarns. At the same time, during winding, the yarn tension shall be kept constant, the floating yarn phenomenon shall be eliminated, and the forming of the tube yarn shall be perfect

        ◆ The patented pneumatic lifting mechanism is adopted for the automatic lifting of broken yarn to avoid the decline of yarn quality after yarn breakage. It has simple structure, reliable operation, and can handle lifting mechanism failure without stopping

        ◆ The patented automatic roller lifting mechanism is adopted to effectively reduce the labor intensity of operators

        ◆ It has the function of leaving the tail yarn, so it is not necessary to regenerate the head when changing the paper tube




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