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        ◆ The optimized spinner and multiple adaptive series of impurity removal channels are adopted to improve the yarn quality

        ◆ Stepping motor cotton feeding system is adopted to accurately control the cotton feeding quantity and ensure the excellent shape and strength of yarn joints; It can be spun into slubby yarn and other fancy varieties

        ◆ The exhaust type impurity removal channel can adjust the negative pressure of impurity removal and effectively control the amount of impurity removal. The impurity removal channel with single or double air inlets is suitable for spinning different raw materials to meet the differentiated needs of customers

        ◆ Air-extracting spinning cup, various specifications are available, and the maximum speed can reach 110000 r/min

        ◆ Special spinning parts can be selected according to different process requirements. Special spinning parts have been standardized and serialized, with wider spinning range and lower use cost



TIME:2023/2/1 13:36:02